Serif Affinity Designer 2.2 With Crack

Serif Affinity Designer 2.2 crack is one of the fastest, smoothest vector graphic desiging software for windows users. It doesn’t matter, you’re working on branding, concept art, print projects, icons, web mockups or UI, UX, Affinity Designer will bring a new change in that field and it will revolutionize your work. Affinity Designer is now fully compatible with other designing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Scalable Vector Graphics and Encapsulated PostScript formats. You may also Like Serif Affinity. You may also like to download Adobe illustrator, CoralDraw and Affinity photo.

Serif Affinity Designer Latest Version offers sleek and user-friendly interface. Serif Affinity Designer allows you to create an unlimited number of different design variations, sizes, and screens and put them all in one document and see them all at once. It will allow you to run live pixel previews in standard or retinal resolution with one click so will be able to see what you need. It can easily handle a variety of color spaces such as RGB, CMYK, LAB, Grayscale, and many more.

It will offer you best tools for retouching photos and improving their quality and appearance by using the advanced color and lighting manipulation tools. It provides professional-level tools for photo editing and designing. It run on slow pc too. And assist you in creating compelling graphics and retouch images. Best advantage of Serif Affinity Designer is smaller size and faster working.

It can support all popular formats such as PSD, SVG, EPS, PDF, PDF // X, FH. Can create beautiful graphics design, icons, the element on web pages, and more. Its continuous pixel preview allows you to observe the results you get. Affinity Designer has a complete suite of raster equipment. It provides built-in a lot of effects to turn your photos into a work of art.

Serif Affinity Designer 2.2 Crack Features:

  • Design tools redefined
    Serif Affinity Designer will offer you all the tools you need in a professional vector design app, from an incredible precise pen tool to a super smooth gradient tool.
  • Built for your workflow
    Affinity Designer has been meticulously crafted for a professional workflow like Adobe illustrator. It is bundled with a number of raster tools that you can use to create realistic artwork.
  • Cross-platform performance
    It is designed for Cross-platform so you can eaily keep editing on Mac and windows PC. and common file format delivers stunning results on either platform.
  • Unsurpassed speed and accuracy
    Now it can Pan at 60fps and it can zoom to an eye-popping 10,000,000%, you will easily see all adjustments, effects, transformations and brushes in real-time.
  • Natural brushwork
    You can use Force Touch, stylus pressure, tilt and other controls for natural-looking artwork.
  • Vector brush
    will stroke easily as regular curves, and add raster brushwork. So, you can easily add depth and high-quality organic textures. Left panel consist of tools to Rotate the canvas, blend colors, edit brush parameters, create your own brushes and nozzles to control over your work.
  • Throw some shapes
    Affinity Designer offers a comprehensive tool for adjusting geometry with corner settings and smart snapping indicators. They have also added a set of Boolean geometry operations, non-destructive compound shapes.
  • Other features:
    New professional print controls, Common Affinity file format, Incredibly powerful artboards, Unsurpassed file compatibility, Work in any color space, Non-destructive effects and adjustments and Pixel perfect control.

What’s new in Serif Affinity Designer 2.2?

  • Speed up everything to feel smoother
  • Keyboard shortcut for temporary select too.
  • Change colour of guide lines.
  • Select something then hit enter will open dialogue box for duplicating.
  • Hit enter for selecting to change precisely position and size
  • Added new stroke stabilizer for all pencil and brush tools.
  • Added new font chooser dropdown with recent, used fonts and favorites.
  • They have improved view pan/zoom performance.
  • Improved performance with large documents.

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