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Microsoft Edge Offline Installer is the best official lightweight web browser from giant company Microsoft. This chromium-based Microsoft’s browser is built with a brand-new engine and also offers a bunch of new features along with support for Chrome extensions. They have developed it for different devices such as Windows, Android and iOS. It gives you one continuous browsing experience across your mobile devices to your Microsoft Windows 10 PC.

Latest Microsoft Edge (Offline Installer) is referred to as the most serious competitor of the last few years, for browsers like OPERA, Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi, Bravo and Mozilla Firefox!

With a completely updated interface of Microsoft Edge, it couldn’t be easier to access any of the features the browser offers. Although the first versions of Microsoft Edge that arrived with Windows 10 were based on the same Explorer engine, there was some issues in that, and due to people interest they’ve decided to make the leap to Chromium, which makes it possible to get important updates more frequently to improve performance. Microsoft Edge is a completely secure browser that loads web pages quickly and offers faster downloads than ever.

Brand new versions of Microsoft Edge let you import your bookmarks and history from sessions started in Chrome. From the options given in the upper part of the interface, you can easily manage the sessions. Plus, on the home screen, it displays most visited sites and it come with a completely customizable background that you can change anytime.

And of course, Microsoft Edge also lets you browse privately like Chrome and Firefox. So, you can browse what you want without leaving a trace of where you’ve visited or files you’ve downloaded. From the three dots side menu, you can access to multiple options that will improve your experience in each session.

How to sync your Microsoft Edge app for Android with your PC:
Although the Android version of the Edge browser has already been available in all popular stores like google play store, black-market, Huawei app gallery and Apptoid, that was recently released few months ago now it is very stable and handy to use. One of the great things about the Microsoft Edge browser is that it lets you link it with your Microsoft account, allowing you to keep your same session open on both the Android and Windows versions simultaneously. Plus, you can also send content to be read later on another device.

Not much has changed when it comes to looks
We know that the chromium Microsoft Edge isn’t going to be 100% identical to its EdgeHTML counterpart, the Chromium-inspired settings page has replaced the old Edge sidebar for improvement. Still most Microsoft Edge users are happy and have no complaints about the browser’s visual design, and the UI has always been one of its strong suits. It UI is easy and understandable, therefore, that Microsoft is trying to keep everything much the same in this regard.

Visual customization is somewhat limited at the moment
If there is one area that still needs some work, that is personalization. Aside from toggling the home button and favorites bar, there isn’t present more personalization option that can be changed, apart from the default fonts.

The dark theme in first release could only be enabled from the edge://flags page, but now they have added option in the browser’s settings to enable dark mode. Edge can either stick to the default system setting or let you select whichever theme you prefer. You can also download more theme from its store.

Feels fast, and with low usage of RAM:
At first glance, you will will see the new Edge runs smoothly and its pages loads quickly, as expected from the very popular Chromium engine. It feels like Chrome, but now it is by default install in windows 10. If you are using windows 7 or 8.1 then it is great news for you if you are thinking of switching browsers.

While RAM usage varies quite a lot, you will see its will be lower than Chrome’s when a large number of tabs are open. It seems to do better than other browsers. However, keep in mind that RAM usage is change with load, so your results may differ.

A lot of new extensions for Chromium Edge:
Chrome Web Store outshines when it comes to the number of available extensions. People in past wast not happy with HTML version of Edge. Due to lack of add-ons, unlikely to find it anywhere else. But now Chromium-based Edge browser supports all these chrome extensions, and Edge has own store to. While Microsoft still promotes its store, but users are free to install Chrome extensions from google chrome store. too.

Best features of Microsoft Edge:

Look and feel: Out of the box, you will feel that the Edge browser has the same minimalist design like Chrome and Firefox, but with Microsoft’s modern touch. Underneath Tabs, they added the navigation controls, address bar, which feels more like title bar for the site. On the right side you’ll see various options and access to the fly out settings menu. The new thumbnail preview for tabs is not yet included in the web browser.

Syncs in the background: Your stuff will now sync in the background, allowing you to browse across devices. It has some new features too, including integration with Cortana, annotation tools for PDF and a reading mode to avoid ads to get clean post. Favourites, passwords and reading list can be synced across your devices. So, no matter which device you are using, your browser is always personalized to you.

Continue on PC: Go anywhere you want and pick up where you left off by seamlessly moving content between your smartphone and PC It requires Windows 10 2019 and later.

Reading View: Reading View is another feature best feature; it was first introduced in Internet Explorer and now is part of Microsoft Edge. Just click on the book icon located on the right of the address bar and you’ll get a PDF like version of the article you want to read there will be no sidebar and advertisements. Microsoft believes this is a way to focus on the content.

BUILT-IN SHARE: The next feature is the built-in Sharing feature that helps to transfer contents from browser to a nearby device quickly and easily without leaving the page. It works similar to the social-sharing buttons.

Pin Sites: The Pin option of edge browsers is a great way to access favorite sites easily. All you need to do is fire up the browser and the pinned sites are loaded automatically. No manual intervention required at all. Pin to Taskbar feature solves this by letting you pin your favorite sites to your PC’s taskbar.

EPUB READER: The Edge browser can open any DRM-free ePUB file without any extension. On top of it, the browser supports to better your reading experiences by adjusting the fonts, line spaces and themes. It has the ability to remembers a book’s progress. So, if your PC suddenly shutdown or a browser crashed, rest assured that Edge would remember the page that you last read.

MUTE TABS: Auto-playing videos can be distracting. Some time we are listening some music while working and a newly-opened tab starts high-pitched dialogues. Edge has built-in feature to mute individual tabs. Just right-click on the tab and select Mute tabs or press Ctrl + M.

Save money with price comparison: Now it can compare prices across websites with just a click—it’ll let you know if it find a lower price available on a different website.

Control your data: Microsoft Edge usegives you more control over your data, and more extra level transparency into which trackers are being blocked while you browse the web with tracking prevention.

Add notes to your PDF: Built-in PDF Reader of Microsoft Edge makes it easy to view, edit, and add text notes to PDFs inside the browser.

Hub View: This feature place all your favorites, reading list, history and books in one place. So, it can be easily Findable and simple manageable.

QR Code Reader: Easily read QR codes at the touch of a QR codes icon. Microsoft Edge will pull up the reading and information right onto your screen.

Voice Search: You can now use your voice to search words on web. Ask a question or speak a prompt to use the web in more natural, familiar ways.

InPrivate: Browse with InPrivate mode, so, your browsing data won’t save on your PC (history, temporary internet files, cookies).

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