Solid Explorer file manager 2.8.36 MOD APK

Solid Explorer file manager Latest MOD APK

Solid Explorer file manager MOD Apk is the best file manager for Android user from Neat bytes – a specializing company in producing software for Android. Solid Explorer APK provides a lot of option for its users, allowing them to comprehensively manage their files including images, text, audio, and more contents. There are too many unique features in solid file explorer that are not available in normal file managers. You will all that feature when you will go down and read our detailed article. It comes with beautiful friendly interface and useful features which make it is the best alternative of Es file explorer.

Solid Explorer File Manager latest Apk

Solid Explorer latest version Apk is a good file explorer with a sleek, modern look and many features. There is a lot of file manager present in play store. Some of them are nice looking but they are still not good to meet the needs of users. And some of them have rich features but their interfaceis too old which will bore you. Trust on us we have mentioned one of the best file managers in this article, which is Solid Explorer File Manager. This is the for the Solid Explore and version, which will allow you to use its permanently.

Solid Explorer File Manager Mod APK Features

  • Interface: Solid Explorer Apk comes with sleek, modern looking, and beautiful material design that material icons attracts most people and force them to buy it. Solid Explorer main interface divides your mobile screen into two parts, each of which is a separate window.
  • Drag and Drop: Solid file explorer supports drag and drop operations between folders. So, you can easily arrange your files with this great feature.
  • Customizable: It is fully customizable you can choose your desire icons for folders and files, and give it a beautiful look by changing color and themes for the interface, I mean it will allow you to adjust the interface to match your taste.
  • Save time: Solid Explorer also allows us to organize our photos, or media files, more neatly. It will specify the number of files, folder size in detail so you will be able to manage it more easily.
  • Two panels: When you will rotate the device horizontally you will see two panels, that is one of the best features of solid explorer which is not present in other file managers. At that time, it will display two separate parts of the file tree. Which enhance the usability, so users can easily cut, copy, paste with drag and drop gestures of files and folders.
  • Unique Music Player: It comes with best built in music player which even allows you to play content remotely for I mean if you have stored your data for example on your PC, Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, so can play it remotely.
  • Casting: Other cool feature of Solid file explorer is casting which will allows you to cast your content to different Chromecast devices.
  • Create Server connections: Many people share data between phone, tablet and PC. For that purpose, Solid Explorer add FTP Server connection, to easily transfer data such as music, images, text files etc. from Android devices to windows PC. You can also create LAN and SMB connection on Solid Explorer, to easily access your files and folders of each drive on your PC or laptop via Android device.
  • Advance Search: Latest version Solid explorer Apk comes with advanced search function to find files in a couple of seconds. So, you can easily find anything in the device and even on cloud storage. You can find them easily with Prefixes, suffix, contain and exact word like windows 10.
  • Root Access: Rooted mobile need a file manager to access the file system. Solid Explorer File Manager have root feature, so have need only root permissions to access to the root directory.
  • Encrypt files and folders: Important data need security, Solid Explorer allows you to set password to encrypt the sensitive files and folders, you can also use fingerprint to unlock it if your device supports). Solid Explorer File support AES256 encryption algorithm which is more secure than another encryption.
  • Compression tools: Solid Explorer File Manager mega plugin comes with advance compressing tool, to create .zip 7ZIP, RAR, TAR files, etc. archives. In particular, you can preview the compressed file contents before extracting them.
  • Cloud Storage: Solid Explorer is an excellent cloud file manager, it supports all popular cloud storages including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega and Owncloud etc.

This apk features:

  • Drive works
  • Removed rating window
  • Initial dialogue box is removed
  • Delete icon is now added in the landscape to the action panel


  • New Best feature is showing image thumbnails in archives
  • Recycle Bin feature is now added.
  • Configurable automatic trash emptying
  • Optional file delete flow without confirmation, but with an undo button
  • Sidebar opening are now easily work with Android 10 gestures
  • Improved extraction of multiple archives
  • Fixed image viewer crashes on some devices
  • other minor fixes

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