Vivaldi Browser 6.7.3329.17 Offline Installer

Vivaldi 6.7.3329.17 x86/x64. Vivaldi is the name of one of the newest web browsers that recently its first version has been made available to users and Vivaldi is referred to as the most serious competitor of the last few years, for browsers like Microsoft EDGE, Google Chrome, OPERA and Mozilla Firefox! Because an incredibly experienced and powerful development team is responsible for the production and supply of this web browser. The former CEO of the famous Opera Company, when he left Opera Software in 2010, has now returned to the web browser market after a few years. This time with much more power than before and with features that even in some cases famous browsers like Chrome and Firefox are unable to! In the description of this software, it is mentioned that “professional users” will fall in love with this browser! But who do professional users mean? Vivaldi allows the user to personalize all parts of the browser according to their own desire and taste, almost everything in vivaldi browser is customizable and changeable.

For example, you can change the location of the address bar from the top section, to the bottom section or the side sections. If you’re also the kind of guy who does a lot of your work with the keyboard, so Vivaldi will still come to your work; Simply search and get quick access to various browser items just by defining a key. Are you tired of disordered tabs in your web browser? Allow Vivaldi to group a set of tabs in one tab with just a few simple moves, so you’ll have more regular, interrelated tabs in one place. Other features of this professional browser include the possibility of pasting notes at any time on web pages. Now you can download the latest version of Vivaldi software from the yas website read more.

Features of Vivaldi software:

  • extensive personalization capabilities
  • ability to change the color of menus, address bar, etc.
  • ability to use google chrome extensions
  • professional search among history, running tabs and …
  • having professional and innovative management capability of tabs
  • support for quick notes

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