XAMPP 8.0.12

XAMPP 8.0.12 is a powerful software to integrate and build web servers php and Perl, As you know, setting up a web server is very difficult, and installing software like MySQL, PHP, Apache is also very difficult, XAMPP software can make it very easy for you to place it on your web servers without having to know a lot of PHP information.

XAMPP software allows web developers to test their web pages easily and without the need for internet to have a dynamic and good web. With the XAMPP app you can manage MySQL and the SQLite database and surround them using filezilla, which will be very useful for CMS CMS. Automatically after installing all software services has been completed and you need to make the necessary adjustments manually. And activate and manage the ones you need. When running, you can control the services from the control panel and set them up using special modules.

The Zamp program has the ability to define passwords and accounts to secure the software. The program automatically updates itself, in general it is the right and up-to-the-day software to test and maintain your websites. Now you can download the latest version of XAMPP software for free from Yas website.

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