Vector Magic 1.15 Free Download With Crack

Vector Magic Full version is considered one of the best vectorization software that allows you to easily convert JPG, PNG, GIF Files to AI, PDF, SVG, EPS vector images. Vector Magic 2021 Free download with the the world’s best full-color auto-tracer! The desktop version supports all the Online Edition file formats, plus AI and DXF output. Works seamlessly with Illustrator, Corel, and others software.

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Vector Magic Review

Vector Magic is a simple best image editing software available in our software library for desktop PC, you can also use online version if you want. It comes with best automatic tracing engine that smooths out pixels to make your images look sharper and cleaner, it can be used for artwork for printing, profile pictures, logos and maps.

Vector Magic Features

As i mentioned above tha this product has a tracing and vector image system that lets you zoom in and draw several shapes without relying on a grid. It also allows you to tweak quality levels to fine-tune the picture. The result can be exported in your desire file format of your choosing. Online tutorial articles are also available on their website to speed up the learning process.

Image Editing and Tracing Suite

When editing pictures, bitmapping not only reduce quality, but the bitmap format also requires a larger amount of time and work needed to edit. That’s why the Vector Magic changes this by using automatic tracing to enhance the quality of your images while cutting down the work needed. After process completion, an outline is automatically formed to simulate the most accurate appearance.

Vector Magic software also allows users to select the level of smoothing. High-quality images typically don’t need much in the way of tweaking, as even the tiniest details are more defined. Conversely, low-quality image come with fewer details so you might need to adjust Vector Magic’s settings to be an acceptable level of quality.

Not only this, color scheme of a picture can also be improved, if you are concerned having cleaner and sharper colors. You can select your highlighted color from 12 different colors simultaneously. Once you will select any colors, the system will automatically make the image smoother while removing color blurs between outlines.

Vector Magic Benefits

Vector Magic is an outstanding software to get smoother and sharper images, you can easily convert bitmaps to clearer pictures. The software comes with great features like color palettes and quality options to highlight different parts of each image. These give you an impressive amount of versatility to work with in achieving increased image quality.

How To Use Vector Magic

Using latest version Vector Magic software is super-simple:

  1. Upload your image. Vector Magic app automatically figures out what settings to use and traces the image right away.
  2. Export the result! You can review the result before exporting it, and there are several tweaking options for improving it as well.

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