LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault: Hide Photos & Videos

LockMyPix is android app to protects photos and videos on your smartphone with true AES CTR encryption against hackers and spying eyes.

LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault Features:

  • Where other apps fail LockMyPix provides true AES CTR encryption for each imported photo and video in real time. Not just military grade.
  • LockMyPix provides a secure photo vault to keep your private gallery secret in any situation. Hide your private photos and videos with your private password.
  • Put your videos right next to your photos. LockMyPix can store unlimited videos in your private video vault and even 8K Videos!
  • Use the invisible mode to hide the entire app from your girlfriend or husband. One simple click and you can mask LockMyPix as any other app like a calculator or shopping app.
  • Organize your private gallery with as many folders as you like. And even unlimited subfolders! LockMyPix can handle unlimited folders and subfolders.
  • Create a decoy fake vault to be ready if someone forces you to open your vault. May your wife or boyfriend? Well, the fake vault will open a completely different vault but only you know the secret.

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